Dana and Emine met during their internship in Nicehearts ry and worked on different projects together. Despite their different personal and cultural background, they share similar values of women’s empowerment, social inclusion, promoting human rights and supporting diversity and multiculturalism in Finland which they wish to promote in this website/blog.

DANA (on the right)

Hello! I’m Dana from Helsinki, Finland.

I was born in Israel into a Bicultural Family of an Israeli Father and a Finn Mother. I have been living in Helsinki since 2012. Today, I live a Happy Multicultural Life with my Tanzanian life partner and with my amazing son. 

As a Finn and a Middle Eastern I mostly write from a point of view of a foreigner although I'm a Finnish citizen. That's because of my un-Finnish look and to the fact that I was not born in Finland. 

I’m a graduate student of Social Studies in the University of applied science (Laurea). My focus is on Immigrants, Women and Families. From my home country I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Politics and International Relations (specialized in human rights and Africa studies), which I’m very keen about. 

My next academic journey will be in University of Helsinki in a Master's degree program of Intercultural Encounters. 

My hobbies are reading books, exploring the beautiful Finnish nature and countryside, running (sometimes in running competitions), dancing to Indian Bollywood music, cooking and eating food from different cultures and being addicted to Indian movies, Spanish and Turkish TV series. I'm passionate about history, mythology and traveling.

I believe that there is Beauty and Meaning in every culture and Religion in the world.

I might be one of the authors of this website, but I couldn’t do it without the help of my family and friends, who support me and dedicate their time to make this passion of mine to come true.

This whole website was built completely by my computer genius brother. 

EMINE (on the left) 

Hello! I am Emine and I have been living in Finland for three years with my husband and our three lovely children. 

First, I want to thank Dana for giving me this place and including me in this fantastic website. 

I am a refugee from Turkey which is a new, scarring but also beautiful identity for me. I am getting used to living with my new identity and started to say it loudly recently. 

I graduated from Political Science and International Relations. I did my master’s in international Relations and studied my PhD in the same field, but I could not finish it because of leaving my country. My master's dissertation was in Feminism in International Theories. I was always interested in feminism, migration, refugees, and minorities. Different cultures have been fascinating to me all my life.  

I was a civil servant in Turkey, and I had worked in a social movement for more than ten years. Nowadays, I am trying to finish my PhD, as I continue my volunteer work. 

I like to read, write, learn from other people's experiences, and help other women in encouraging them to get out of their comfort zones. Every person, every experience makes my life enrich and wonderful.