Terms Of Service


Terms of Service

Thesocialmirror.fi ("us", "we", or "our") operates the https://www.thesocialmirror.fi website (hereinafter referred to as the "Service").

Thesocialmirror.fi operates under Gn-Projects Tmi Finland.


Contact information in matters related to personal data files / Cookies Policy / Terms of Service
[email protected]

Updated: 26.06.2020 (26 June 2020)


Customer may subscribe by subscribe form and unsubscribe at any time by the link which is provided in the received email.

Customer may not copy any kind of information / data from our websites without a permission.

The Thesocialmirror.fi Web site at www.thesocialmirror.fi is subject to these Terms of Use.

Thesocialmirror.fi presents the web pages as they are. Thesocialmirror.fi shall not be liable for any damages or forfeiture of, or alteration in, the material contained in the Site, or any loss of access to or use of the Site. Thesocialmirror.fi may modify or block the pages at its sole discretion. Thesocialmirror.fi is not responsible for the content or the information contained in or linked to from the Thesocialmirror.fi web pages in any way.

By sending unsolicited material addressed to Thesocialmirror.fi, for example via e-mail or web pages, the user will at the same time transfer to Thesocialmirror.fi, unless otherwise agreed, the right to use and disclose the material. Personal information submitted by the user will not be disclosed to third parties.



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