MY WORLD by Emine

Jan 24, 2022

"There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you"

-Maya Angelou

Why I started this project:

Although I have a rebellious spirit that has always felt a little different from my surroundings throughout my life, I did not have the courage or self-esteem to say it out loud. When I was a child, I was not completely overwhelmed by patriarchal and meaningless traditions, every loud response I gave came back with unpleasant feedback and discouraging punishment.

I found the freedom I was looking for in the world of books because I could not express myself freely in the real world. Every evening when I went to bed to sleep, I was silently saving the world from different evil in my imaginary world. After a while I started writing; as I became older and it became more impossible to dream, my writing decreased and after a while I was completely disconnected from the world of imagination and I could no longer write. 

In the last five years, the world that I had known before has been completely turned upside down, and so many stories and emotional burdens have accumulated inside me that have turned into an affliction. The words of Maya Angelou, one of the women I admire, fit me perfectly, "There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you".

The pain and emotional burden had been destroying me day by day. I never knew how to get myself together and start a new life with my children and husband. I had to persuade myself to get out of bed every morning. Of course, my children were the biggest force that brought me to life. But especially thanks to the people who managed to survive their painful and unbearable experiences, and showed the courage to tell their stories out loud, helped me a to stand up. I did not know how to thank them, and I decided to write here, in the hope of touching the lives of people who suffer from the same kind of pain as me anywhere in the world.

Sometimes I will share my story, sometimes my thoughts. I hope that what I have written will not offend anyone and we will find a way to exist together.

My stories:

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