Time for Yourself

Sep 10, 2017

Autumn is here and it's time for a new beginning or hobby ?

One of the best thing in living in Finland is having time for yourself. Even if you have kids, I see couples that still manage to do something for themselves during the day or the week. You have time to have a hobby and do something you truly enjoy and love, even without wasting too much money.


From childhood, every kid here has a hobby, and the system completely support it, and pay for one. And high schools have special studying program for students who want to be professional musicians or athletics.    


The first thing I notice in here, is the great awareness to physical exercise. People use their free time for running and jugging outside in every hour of the day and in every season. Not once, I saw people running in minus 10 to 15 celsius, there are special clothes for running in these conditions. I love running in the nature myself, but if you prefer more intensive workout, some of the gyms are super cheap (compare to my home country). Here, I enjoy going to a gym that cost only 20 euros per month and I’m loving it! It’s working not only on my body but my general feeling is much improved.

Running competition that I participated


Another common thing in here and I enjoy it myself as well, its handmade cloths (käsitöitä). People make and design their own cloths or as in my case, wool knitting socks, hats (pipo), scarfs, gloves, blankets and sweaters. I enjoy knitting specially in the winter, I found it relaxing? 

My Handmade Blankets



I enjoy cycling as well, and I recommend for anyone who live in center Helsinki to save some money and ride your way to school or work, with the city bikes.


So, go, do whatever you love, swimming, dancing, reading, running, skiing, singing, cycling, painting, running, play football, basketball, hokey, tennis, or play any instrument your heart desire. Enjoy the fresh air, the changing season and just go for a ride.


Written by: Dana

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