We Are All Finns (part 2)

Aug 04, 2019
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“Finland is my Home”

The appreciation towards Finland came to Shugri only two years ago after she travelled abroad. “Now I respect Finland for the freedom, safety and the social health care system it has. After travelling to Africa, I realized the good things Finland provides to its citizens”, Shugri says. The recent statements about Finland being the Happiest country but yet the Racist towards Africans in Europe, didn’t shocked Shugri. “They just confirm what I already thought. I’ve been exposed to racism all my life but still, Helsinki is my home, I will travel but I will always come home”.


“A Change in the Media”

When I asked Shugri about what she would change if she could in Finland, she said the presenters in the media. “There is nobody from African background or with hijab in the media, when you’re watching the news for example. For the young generation there is nobody to look up to, even Sweden already included journalists and news anchors with hijab but not in Finland”.


“The Finnish-Somali community is part of the Finnish society, Yes”.

 The Finnish-Somali community is very active socially and politically in Helsinki. While growing up the activities and events of Somali NGOs gave Shugri the confident to become proud of her heritage. The only suggestion Shugri has to her community is to be more untied. “While confronting others, the Somali community is very united, but from the inside they're divided. If only we could be less divided and support each other more, we will be even stronger”, she explained.

Finland is home to many people with different background and culture, who wasn’t only immigrated but born and raised here and consider Finland as their home. I see some places understood this social diversity and are working towards social inclusion. For example, in the local health care centre, service posters include all kinds of different families, African families, Asian families and Arabic families with the native white Finns. In political parties there are representatives with diverse background, which is essential in creating an equal society to all the population.

Finland legally welcome all people regardless of their religion or culture. My only hope for a better future for Finland is that people will be much more tolerance to one another. We are all Finns, and Finland is our Home. And as Shugri said, Together we are Stronger. 

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Written by: Dana

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