Coffee & Korvapuusti

Jan 28, 2022

For Finnish people, it’s normal to drink around eight to ten cups of coffee a day. Finns drink more coffee than any other nation in the world, as the International Coffee Organization published earlier this year. As a result, there is a vibrant coffee culture that goes way back before Finland even got its independence. And today, by law, there are two coffee breaks at work for 10 minutes each every day. 

Having coffee is a social activity, in café’s, or in somebody’s house. People organize all kinds of groups to meet in cafe's, to study or to knit together, it is fun ? When you visit a Finn house, they will always serve you coffee and cake on their special coffee set for guests. 


The traditional Finnish cinnamon roll, korvapuusti, usually served with coffee in every home and café. 

Korvapuusti is a Finnish cinnamon roll, which is made with the traditional cardamom spice, flour, cinnamon, butter and sugar. Low fat it's not but it’s absolutely delicious! It's my favorite comfort Finnish sweet bun! It helps you to deal with the cold weather ? 


When I was young, one of my favorite moments in Finland, was baking korvapuustit with my mamma (grandma). Now I bake them myself at home to continue the tradition. It might take a long time but it's worth the wait. Homemade is always the best. 

My Homemade Korvapuustit


In every big social event as well, there is coffee and cake, and sometimes only that. In my home country, a social event always means tons of food, and later on will be coffee and tea with cake, but the main focus is the food. In Finland, the main focus always is on the coffee and cake.


Written by: Dana

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