The 'Multicultural Families in Finland' Project

Jan 24, 2022

In this project, different types of Families who live in Finland tell their experiences as having more than one culture at home or are influenced by the Finnish culture. 

Each Family Shared:

Their Advantages

Their Challenges

Their Shared Values

Best Advice to other Families

This project is a reflection of the Society in Finland. By focusing not only on the Social Diversity of Finland but also on its Drawbacks and Benefits. By looking at families' challenges, we can disclose what is needed to be change, in order to make our society better. But it is also a source of pride, by looking at the many advantages families stated we should be grateful of what we have and what we have done so far.

‘Multicultural Families in Finland’ objectives are:

Increasing Awareness to Multiculturalism

Self-reflection & sense of Appreciation

Support & Identification

Unity despite Diversity

Source of Empowerment & Inspiration

Why I started this Project?

About a year ago my first son was born and especially then I noticed the culture differences I have not only with my partner but also with the Finnish culture. I found my safe place where I could talk about these issues in ‘duo mothers & babies' group’ organized by Familia Ry organization. I participated in one group and was a facilitator in another. I understood that with the challenges I face, there are many advantages as well. I found support and inspiration while listening to the other mothers. That is what I want to offer in this project.

Types of Families:

Intercultural family is a family that has many cultures in their family. 

Bicultural Family/Couple is a family/couple that has two cultures at home/in their relationship, as the parents/couple were born in different countries.

One-Cultured Family refers to a family who has one foreign culture at home which is influenced by the Finnish culture.

Single Parent Family refers to a family in which the everyday routines are primarily the responsibility of one parent. 

Blended Family refers to a family which includes a child or children from previous relationships.

Adoptive Family can also refers to international adoption when the adoptive child bring a foreign culture to the family.

Rainbow Family refers to families of lesbians, gay, bisexual and transgender. 

HUGE THANK YOU to all the Families that share their stories!

The Families:

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