Time to Give

Dec 19, 2017

Joulu, Christmas in Finnish, is an important family holiday all over the world and in Finland as well. Christmas Eve is celebrated in Finland on the 24th of December and in that evening kids open their presents.

One of the most special and beautiful places in Finland is Lapland, and during the winter many tourists go to Rovaniemi, to the hometown of Santa Claus, Joulupukki (in Finnish). I haven’t been there yet myself, but when I was young my mamma (grandma) organized a big surprise for me. I got a letter from Santa himself from the Arctic Circle in Finland. It was special to me because I was a young girl from the Middle East that got a letter and of course, a gift that my mamma added, from far and cold Finland. Even thou I haven’t celebrated Christmas myself, my family in Finland always made sure that I will get my presents on time. Who is not going to love that? ?


This time of the year is the time to give. And it doesn’t matter if you are Christian or not, you have such good sales everywhere. So, go, spoil your love ones and yourself as well ? and if you manage to save some money from those sales, please give charity to the people who truly need it.

Happy holidays and be kind to each other

Written by: Dana

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