Missing Home

Aug 25, 2017
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My mom asked me a while ago if I consider Finland as my home. I answered, wherever is my family, it's home. 

I see myself privileged because I can visit my home country often. The flight is not long, so the cost is affordable and my country is not a war zone (most of the times and in most places) so I’m generally safe there.


This time of the year I miss my home country the most. We have many holidays coming up and I can never celebrate them properly here. There is a big difference between celebrating a holiday with small community than a whole country celebrating it. 

Top of that, many of my family members and close friends are getting married soon. I usually do my best to travel and go to their celebrations but this time I can’t travel. It’s part of immigrating, you get to enjoy the goods in the country you immigrate to, and in the same time you always going to miss the country, family and friends you left behind.


Let’s not forget the weather. I’m not a big fan of the heat waves in my home country, when it’s over 30 degrees. But when the winter is here, and it’s dark and cold all the time, I can’t help but miss the sun that always shines back home. 


The country where I grew up will always be home to me and sometimes I miss it too much. But I chose to live here, and I am happy here. I built a family life here, and whenever I travel I find myself missing my home in Helsinki. 

Home is where your Heart is


Written by: Dana


Me 27.08.2018 08:54
Beautiful writing
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