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Mar 25, 2018
Food Israel

People in Israel know how to enjoy, it doesn’t matter if you have money or you loan all the money from the bank, Israelis focus on the moment and how to make the most of it. This way of life includes eating habit as well. Food is a high part of the Israeli culture and a major part of people’s life. The quality of life is not as high as in Finland, when it comes to national social help, governmental corruption, clean air and other things. But as for food, in my opinion, the quality of a meal in Israel, home-cooked or in a restaurant, is higher, tastier and cheaper than in Finland.


As a Middle East country, the common street food in Israel is humus, falafel and shuwarma. But it’s more than that and depends on the house or area you visit. In every house they have different food based on the country that its residents came from, or their roots. In my house it’s mostly a combination of Yemen and Finnish food (guess where my parents are from ?).


Out of respect to my Yemenite roots, I will start with the famous Yemenite chicken soup.

We usually eat this soup at noon on Fridays. The soup is actually pretty simple with potatoes and chicken but the whole taste comes from a special spice called hawaitch. The soup is eaten with lachuch and pita bread and hilbe sauce (which is made from fenugreek plant).



In Tel Aviv I ate the common street food, falafel and shakshuka. Falafel is made from humus seeds and served in pita with tahini, salad and other vegetables for your choice. Shakshuka is mixed eggs with tomato sauce and different spices, usually served in pita with salad, humus and tahini. Shakshuka is my favorite and I recommend it.


Tel Aviv is a crowded city and you can meet all kinds of people there. In south Tel Aviv you can see many immigrants and their life style, the streets are usually not clean, and some streets are not safe at night. North Tel Aviv is completely the opposite, there are modern high buildings, expensive malls, universities and clean and rich neighborhoods. There are also the beautiful white sandy beaches where people enjoy the hot sun and each other’s company.


My favorite beach in Israel is Rishon Le Zion beach, because its beautiful boardwalk and the restaurants which are located on the beach itself.


Written by: Dana

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