Israeli Identity & Israel's Greatness 2020

Apr 28, 2020

This year, 2020, the people of Israel celebrate 72 years for the independence of the State of Israel. For me, and I believe that for many others who live outside the country, the yearning feeling rise during the holiday season. There is nothing like celebrating a holiday in a country where everyone is celebrating with you, moreover a civil and important holiday like your country's Independence Day.

For those who do not know, Israel's Independence Day is a holiday marking the declaration of the state's establishment, with the expiration of the British Mandate in Israel, on May 14, 1948. Holocaust Day held a week earlier, and the National Memorial Day to the fallen soldiers and victims of terror was the day before, only strengthen the meaning of this holiday.


While the situation is very different following the Corona virus epidemic, the celebrations have been canceled, but this is not a reason to stop appreciating and celebrating the fact that we, Jews from all over the world, have a home in the only country that is truly ours.

In honor of Israel's 72nd Independence Day, I conducted a poll among Israelis from all over Israel and the world to see how they define their Israeli identity and what they value most in our small state.

Here are the answers …

Israeli Identity:

First place: Israeli behavior

Most people have cited their Israeli behavior as a definition of their Israeli identity.

Israeli behaviors included: rudeness, self-confidence / lack of shyness, sociability, openness to cultures, combinatorically thinking, caring/worring for one another / helping one another, impatience / short temper, ability to forgive, no sucker, and financial thinking.

Second place: Being Jewish / Judaism includes Jewish customs such as tefillin, Kidush/blessing on Friday (Shabbat), celebrating Jewish holidays, and keeping the tradition.


Third place: Israeli food   It is impossible without our food!

People cited the love of tahini, sectarian food, Falafel, Humus-chickpeas and many spices as their characteristics of Israeli identity.



Fourth place: Army defense service to Israel

Fifth place: The love of the motherland / country includes: Zionism and nationality. And people's unity / social solidarity with the constant connection with family and friends.

Sixth place: Living in Israel includes being born in Israel, Israeli childhood and living in Israel.

Seventh place: symbols and characteristics of the State of Israel, such as honoring the fallen for the state (standing for a moment in the honoring siren, celebrating Independence Day with difficulty), the national anthem and the Israeli flag

Eighth place: the Hebrew language


Other characteristics that define Israeli identity are democracy and freedom of expression in Israel, Jerusalem as a capital city, ideology, root sandals and watching a Burecas (native Israeli) movie.

Root Sandals- Sandalei Shoresh (in Hebrew)



Israel’s Greatness:

First place: The Israeli People

We are warm, sociable, helping and giving to those who in need, caring, loving each other, vulgar, impatient, full of joy and sense of humor, open and united!


In the second place: The Love to the Land, the land of milk and honey, the nature from the sea to Mt. Hermon

Third place: Israeli holidays and Family

Chanukah Holiday


Fourth place: Jerusalem (including the Western Wall and the Holy Places) and Israeli food and friends


Fifth: Security and Democracy Includes: Freedom of Expression and Human Rights Exercise and Start-ups Including: Out-of-the-Box Thinking, Invention, Encouraging Initiative, General Trend of Progress and Reducing gaps with Western countries

Sixth place: The weather

Other things mentioned: Army, and Inner Silence as opposed to reality

With all the economic, political, security and social mess in the country, and with my personal geographical distance from Israel, Israel is always in my heart!

A special Thank You for those who answered my questions patiently! 

Happy Independence Day Dear Israel!


Written by: Dana

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