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Apr 16, 2018

Finland is an expensive country comparing to other European countries. When the salaries are higher, so the prices are too. Like any other nation, Finns like to shop. Here are my top 3 Finnish interesting famous designs:



Arabia is a Finnish ceramic production which started as a porcelain factory in 1873 in Helsinki. An interesting fact due to the fact that this factory closed in 2016 and moved to Romania and Thailand.

Arabia is most known for its Moomin products. In every Finnish house, you will find something to do with Moomins. That’s because the Moomins were written by a Finnish writer, Tove Jansson. Many Finns (adults, not kids) collect Arabia’s Moomin mugs, plates, bowls, jars and others. Arabia even has a special collection every now and then, and seasonal Moomin products. I must admit that the products are cute and while growing up I did like the show.




Marimekko was founded in 1951 in Helsinki. Every Finnish woman has a dress, bag or home decoration of this bright colorful and luxurious Finnish brand. In my opinion, it’s good to see some colors on people here, because some Finns don’t like to wear colorful cloths.



Another Finnish product is Iittala, which is what Finns see as essential glass design objects. This ridiculously expensive brand started in 1881 as glass factory. Personally, I don’t understand the big deal about it, but Iittala products are very common and respected Finnish gifts.


Even though it’s a rich country with rich people, there are many second-hand stores. It is even considered a hobby for many Finns to shop, sell and hang around flea markets and second-hand shops. Budget chain stores, like Fida and UFF, are literally everywhere, and there are lots of small second-hand and vintage stores, some even with a nice coffee place inside. My favorites are the second-hand stores for kids and books.  


Finns are big believers of recycling, and never throw away cloths but give them away or sell them by themselves. In Finland, twice a year, there is a cleaning day (when people gather together and clean the inner yard and the surrounding of their building) then you can sell anything you want, everywhere you want, inner yards or in the streets. I like those days, you can always find something useful, and some old ladies even sell their homemade jams and cookies. 

In my home country, I never thought to buy second hand but after I realized how popular it is in here, I opened up and I do enjoy visiting second hand stores sometimes. Just try not to smell there too much ?


Written by: Dana

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