In the beginning of my writing journey I started writing about Finland in general, about some of my personal experience in Finland. I learn more about Finland that way and enjoyed sharing my thoughts and opinions publicly.

In that process I learn couple of things about myself as well, as my life changed during the years. I understood that I like to write mostly about the social challenges in Finland and the Finnish lifestyle focusing on society and multiculturalism. Then the idea of The Social Mirror came to my mind.

The core of the social mirror theory is when individuals view themselves according to other’s opinion or to the social norms and beliefs of their community.

In this website I embrace this theory with a little twist. I show All sides of the society in Finland, not only the beauty of the Finnish lifestyle and social norms but also, and mainly, the challenges this society face, the social multiculturalism and the strong empowering individuals who try to build a stronger country for us all. A true mirror of society.

I want also to show the beauty of my birth country and my other half, Israel, its society, multiculturalism, lifestyle, food and more. I Hope you will leave your political views aside and enjoy reading and exploring.


Although I have been writing a diary from my childhood, my enthusiasm for writing decreased over time, perhaps because my capacity to dream decreased after marriage and being a mother.

In the last period of my life, the thing that heals me and motivates me to survive when I wake up every morning is the existence of my family; learning from the life experiences of other people and discovering a separate treasure in each of them.

Both healing myself and the possibility that what I wrote could be a hope for just one person encouraged me to start to write again.

I was happy when Dana suggested that we continue together on this website she founded. Because this would increase my chances of being read by people from different backgrounds and my chance to meet people of different nationalities and religions.

On this platform, I want to show you my world and share with you the unique experiences I learned from other people.

Since I take personal experiences as a basis in doing all these, sometimes there maybe situations that contradict your political, religious and national values. But I think it is normal to have different thoughts; also, embracing different thoughts of others enriches and enlightens us.

The website is in English, Hebrew, Turkish and some articles and information are also available in Finnish. 

We use this social platform as a tool to provide & promote:

Social inclusionEmpowermentMutual RespectSocial ImpactSocial awarenessSelf-Reflection,
Breaking StereotypesKnowledgeSocial solidarityGuidanceSharing experiences & Open Mind.